Lt. General Thomas McInerney – Operation Hammer & Scorecard To Steal Elections

Lt. General Thomas McInerney Explains Operations Hammer & Scorecard, And How False Muslim Obama and Former CIA Chief John Brennan (A So-called  Muslim, Not Using Muslim Name) Stole Elections.

Posted by Matthias Chang

Further to my several Whatsapp messages on Operations Hammer and Scorecard sent out to all of you yesterday. Now, you can see and hear for yourself the said General telling you about the fraud and corruption at the highest levels in US government. THE GENERAL EVEN IDENTIFY SPECIFICALLY FORMER DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE MR. CLAPPER AND FORMER CIA CHIEF, JOHN BRENNAN. THIS IS SO SERIOUS!!!

The fake news of the US MSM are not covering this explosive news. Why? Is this not an explosive news? And if Trump and his campaign were to commit this fraud and corruption, the global MSM will lynch Trump and all his people! That is the double standard. Hate or love Trump, is not the issue.  As the Head of the US Federal Elections Commission, Mr. Trey Trainor  said,

“The Election is illegitimate” and I had posted his statement to ALL OF YOU YESTERDAY! No more lies!!!!!

Watch this video now!