Trump Won The Election — Now Let’s Defeat The Colour Revolution In Progress. The Future Belongs To The Patriots; Not the Globalists

Trump Won The Election — Now Let’s Defeat The Colour Revolution In Progress. The Future Belongs To The Patriots; Not the Globalists.

By Barbara Boyd – EIR

[FF Editorial: EIR and is one of the most prestigious Think Tanks in the world and its founder and advisory teams have advised governments all over the world. The late Founder, Lyndon Larouche was formerly a Democractic candidate who vied to be a nominee for the presidential election for the Democratic party. So, I have no reasons whatsoever to doubt the integrity of the below article. Did you notice, even before the close of polling day on November 3rd, 2020, the US MSM published the results that Joe Biden had won the election. The US Mass Media pronounced that it is the only authority to declare the victor in the US presidential election, contrary to all laws and the Constitution of the USA. The head-lines of this article speaks for itself. I am sure Malaysians must be most surprised as it is counter intuitive. This is the extent of the fraud perpetrated by the Deep State whose preferred candidate is Joe Biden, who has openly confessed that from the time of the Obama presidency till now, there has been created a most extensive fraud organisation in the history of America. I have posted two videos of the confession to this website. I need not say more.

Learn how election fraud is perpetrated. The author of this article has referred to the on-going coup/fraud in US as a “colour revolution” a method used by the Deep State to unleash regime change in other countries. Study this article with an open mind. Learn and share this article widely. Ask, “Why only the five so-called swing states are still counting the votes, when the rest of the states have declared their results on 3rd November, 2020? This does not make sense, yet so many people did not notice this strange anomaly and the ultimate gambit to rig the election – still counting the mail-in ballots, when other states that also have mail-in ballots, the same have been counted and results declared on 3rd November, 2020 – the polling day which closed at 10.00 pm! But, not the swing states! Why? This is how the fraud is perpetrated.]

End of FF Editorial  

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The past 24 hours should have demonstrated that we are in the final stage of a color revolution conducted by U.S. intelligence components and the Democrat Party, working for British, European, and newly minted American oligarchs from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, whose aim is to remove Donald Trump as President of the United States and install an easily manipulable and senile Joe Biden, along with Kamala Harris, in what will be a government of technocrats and experts run by these oligarchs and their central bankers.

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