Azerbaijan – Armenia War! The Truth!

Watch the video and learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of your religious affiliations. The speaker is a renowned Muslim. Get rid of your prejudice and seek truth and follow the path laid out in the Quran, if you are a Muslims!

0:00 Who planned for the war, and started the War? Who is the Aggressor? Who is lying? 12:00 Support the Victim of Aggression – not the Aggressor! 13:50 Check the Footprints to find out who is the Liar! Who benefits from this war? 18:00 USA-Russia-France demand Ceasefire! Nagorno-Karabach, Kashmir and the Holy Land are similar – these conflicts cannot be solved by war waged by the strong against the weak! 21:00 If there is no ceasefire, UN Security Council will intervene with a Peace-Keeping military force! 25:45 Ottoman wars of oppression resulted in Muslim hatred for Christians, and Christian hatred for Muslims. This war continues what the Ottomans left behind. 30:00 Analysis of the War based on knowledge located in the Qur’an

Promote peace and condemn war!