How To Steal An Election

How To Steal An Election – Part 1

By Chris Farrell – Gladstone Institute September 9, 2020

[FF Editorial Commentary: My fellow Malaysians – The article below by Chris Farrel, following this commentary, maybe one of the most important articles you will read in 2020. If you want to avoid social chaos and bloodshed in Malaysia in the future, pay close attention to The Transition Integrity Project Report (TIPR) prepared by the Global Deep State to lay the groundwork and implement a “Colour Revolution” and or coup against an incumbent government (Google to download the said report). The TIPR report was prepared FOR the US Leftists and Democratic Party anarchists/extremists to steal the coming presidential elections in November, 2020, and incite a civil war in the USA. This is most ironic because in the past, especially in recent times, the false Muslim President of USA, Barack Obama was up to his eyeballs in creating similar chaos to effect regime change in Syria (he failed), Libya (he succeeded), Ukraine (he succeeded), Egypt (he succeeded, but a counter coup removed the regime), Iran (he failed), Lebanon (he failed) etc.

We at FF are of the opinion, but for the Covid19 pandemic, violence would have been unleashed by leftists forces in Malaysia to topple the government led by Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin who was appointed by the Agong (King) when all 222 members of parliament agreed not to call for a general election and requested the said Agong to exercise his constitutional powers to appoint a prime minister, following the abrupt resignation of Tun Mahathir Mohamad as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. I therefore urge, each and every Malaysian to download a copy of the said TIPR Report, study the same assiduously and share it widely. Do not be naïve. Dark forces who no longer wield power will plot and conspire using the said TIPR Report as the template to seize power. You have been forewarned.]

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