A “New Approach” To Crisis Management – Malaysia Recovery & Rejuvenation Bhd (MRRB) – Part 2

A “New Approach” To Crisis Management – Malaysia Recovery & Rejuvenation Bhd (MRRB) – Part 2

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


At the conclusion of Part 1 of this article posted to my website on 9th September, 2020, I gave a preview of Part 2 and wrote:

Preview of Part 2: The rationale for the above proposal was mooted as far back as 2015 when in a Closed Door Dialogue which I had organised for Tun Mahathir Mohamad, I laid out the consequences of the pending economic crisis which would manifest in 2018/2019, well within the period of boom and bust cycles – a decade, give or take a margin of error of one to two years. The last crisis being the Great Recession of 2008!

It did not gain traction with the stake holders who attended the Dialogue.

So, in the same year, I rushed out a publication “Qi for Longevity – Corporate Longevity in Times of Crisis and Volatility” which was dedicated to Tun Mahathir Mohamad. But it fell on deaf ears as well! A second edition came out in 2017 with some updates. The theme of the book, helping industries, corporations, small business etc. to survive would in turn help our country to recover from the ravages of any economic destruction. I laid down specific strategic tools for such a crisis as we are facing now, albeit the absence of Covid19.

Therefore, Part 2 of my article is not about the structure of MRRB, the proposed  special agency / corporate vehicle to enable our economy to recover and rejuvenate, but rather to reveal and explain the philosophical foundation for a “new approach” to crisis management (based on thousands of years of ancient wisdom) and why it is so critical to have a Crisis Management Team (a Corporate/National Trauma Team) with specific skill set that is non-existent in any country or even in Forbes’ Top Global 500 corporations.


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