The Wars For Oil In The Middle East, Is It Over??

The Wars For Oil In The Middle East, Is It Over??

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

It has been an “open secret” that all the wars in the Middle East have always been unleashed for the control of oil supplies and only an idiot would think otherwise. The Israeli / Palestinian war agenda was merely a contrived excuse to create tension and hostility and more importantly, to establish a slavish dependency by the Arabs on the US military-Industrial-Complex for “regime survival” and the quid pro quo was the enormous war profits for the global war party.

Fast Forward.

Like or hate Trump, he is the first and only Western leader (specifically in USA) to say on 13.8.2020 in a televised press conference at the White House that there will a comprehensive peace in the entire Middle East “because the United States is no longer dependent on Middle East oil.”

Go to: “President Trump Delivers a Statement” – with regard the announcement that Israel and the UAE has agreed to a historic peace agreement which will be signed in the White House in the coming weeks. A major step towards a comprehensive peace between Israel and the Arab states!

I have stated so often and more recently in my whatsapp messages, the entire global landscape for energy will be transformed dramatically. The technology is already available and big money is on full throttle to exploit the $trillions. And it will happen on or before 2030!

I hate to write again in this article but truth must be told again – the Muslims are their own worst enemy, canon fodders for the global war party, killing fellow Muslims to facilitate the agenda of their “white Masters” in White Hall, UK! Each and every war were orchestrated by the global war party and all Muslim leaders in the entire Middle East war theatre, for political power and survival, chose to aligned themselves with the US and tolerated the mass slaughter of their people. Under the so-called threat of Israeli aggression (and the fake news that Israel would commit nuclear war), the Arab states etc. willingly became the largest market for US and western weapons industries, supposedly to defend themselves.

The final nail in the Arabs’ coffins was the “petro-dollar” scam masterminded by Kissinger to enable the US to assert total hegemony globally and in the Middle East specifically.

Post the Covid19 pandemic, be assured that there will be a global reset, politically and financially but on one and one condition only, imposed by the US as the global price for world peace.

By analogy, Nixon demanded that the Vietnam War would only be ended with an “honourable peace”, without the humiliation that US was defeated by the Vietnamese! Hence, the Paris Peace Accords and Le Duc Tho and Henry Kissinger were jointly awarded the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts.

In campaigning for “America Great Again” and the agenda of making Fortress America a reality (protected inter-alia by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), Trump has demanded (it matters not whether the world accepts this condition) that no other country would be allowed to step into America’s shoes as the only superpower. The message is, “Peace on America’s terms”!

The choice is absolutely clear to all future contenders for world domination. Does the global community prefer the contenders to be sucked into the “Thucydides Trap” and WWIII or concede that no country can ever aspire to be the dominant global power, with the caveat that regional powers and spheres of influence would be the “new normal”.

And why not for all of us, who are not in contention but, are mere bystanders in the global chessboard?

To me, it makes sense, no matter how bitter the taste. This is the reality of geopolitics. This was the scenario that I had foreseen way back in 2005 when I wrote in Vol. 1, of the Future Fast-Forward trilogy:

“The end of hostilities in the Middle East will give rise to a new international institution, established to ensure a more equitable distribution of scarce resources to prevent and contain future resource wars at least in the foreseeable two decades.  The world’s economies have to make painful adjustments and restructure their societies to address the chronic shortage of oil and petroleum products as well as other scarce resources.”

[My current comments: I believe that any reset is dependent on a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. This is a critical part of Trump’s agenda to rescue America from financial collapse.]

“One of the most significant developments in the latter half of the 21st century will be the Regional Mind-set as opposed to the Global Mind-set, as regional trade will be more than sufficient to meet the expectations of the various domestic economies within the respective regions.  Globalisation as we know it today will be an abstraction. Empire Capitalism’s tentacles will no longer have global reach.

“This is a direct consequence of the restructuring and redesigning of our societies in the face of diminishing natural resources. In place of globalisation, there will intra-regional trade, as trade will be more efficient through regional mechanisms.  ASEAN plus 3 is a good model. The consumer society will slowly recede as it has shown to be wasteful and inefficient in the allocation of resources. This is a step in the right direction …”

[My current comments: This is exactly what we are already witnessing, a slow and gradual retreat from globalisation because of the weaknesses in the global supply chains and the over reliance on China. China has just announced that it will pivot inwards to develop the gigantic domestic market.]

“Whether there will be a major war in Asia will depend to a large extent on China-Japan relations. The two countries must work together to provide security for Asia. And that is why it is so important for Japan not to be seduced by US to be the proxy to confront China. The US will not be able to wage war against China on its own and will require the assistance of Japan and Taiwan.”

[My current comments: the current tensions in the South China Seas and the various war games conducted jointly by US, Australia, UK, Japan show how prescient were my observations in 2005.]  

The Zionist Anglo-American War Cabal will continue to manipulate Taiwan to provoke China.  That is the nature of war cabals, to meddle and create instability so as to justify its presence in the region on the pretext of providing security to the region and to counter China’s growing economic strength. If Asia wants peace, then it has to act in concert to isolate Taiwan economically through economic sanctions should Taiwan persist in its path as agent provocateur for the Zionist Anglo-American War Cabal.  A weak Taiwan will not be able to sustain a war economy; and another flank against China will be disarmed. In such a scenario, where the threat of war is eliminated, China and Japan can then concentrate on providing the leadership to transform Asia. It would not serve Japan’s interests to pursue any hegemonic policies in Asia as a junior partner to the U.S. China must also do its part in assuring the region that it has no hegemonic ambitions. China and Japan must embark on an ambitious economic program for Asia as their combined foreign reserves should be invested in Asia to establish a vibrant Asia Market.  ASEAN +3 and the economic spin-offs is the surest guarantee for a peaceful Asia in the 21st century.

[My current comments: The recent visit by a US high level delegation to Taiwan and sales of offensive weapons is just another provocation to test China’s readiness for war.]

The need for a Big Brother for protection against global enemies as in the days of the Cold War and the War on Terrorism will be exposed for what it is – a pretext to maintain imperial hegemony. The world has no need for big bullies. Regional trade and security and the collective responsibility for economic prosperity will be the bulwark against foreign and hegemonic agendas. Asians in the 21st century must ensure that the Zionist Anglo-American Axis as well as the emerging European continental powers will not be able, under any pretext, to launch any war of aggression in Asia.

[My current comments: Having solved the Middle East fiasco, the US needs to ensure that after retreating from Asia, China or any other country (e.g. India) would not fill the geopolitical gap. The Beirut “explosions” or “bombings” is a message to one and all that any wars in the Middle East will be more devastating that the horrors in Lebanon. The mushroom cloud was from a mere tactical nuke!

However, I take the view that Asia is different from the Arab Middle East. Secretary of State, Pompeo has already conceded a few days ago, that China, an economic power is no easy meat. And I have stated categorically that there will be no war between US and China. The present war rhetoric is for the November presidential elections.]

“The regional signboard should be ‘Global Empires and Collaborators Not Allowed in Asia’. The Zionist Anglo-American Empire will be the last global empire, if not by 2015, certainly by 2020.”

[My current comments: Is this not the scenario that is unfolding before your eyes?]