The Sordid Saga Of 1MDB & Goldman Sachs

The Sordid Saga Of 1MDB & Goldman Sachs

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Following the news from the PN government that Goldman Sachs had entered into a settlement Agreement with Malaysia, I sent out to my friends in my Whatsapp group my initial comments. I will not include my comments here.

I invite all of you to ponder: Why?

As reported by the media,

1.The Settlement sum is US$3.9 Billion.

2.Cash payment by Goldman Sachs of US$2.5 Billion. (?)

3.Guarantee of balance (full recovery of US$3.9 Billion

4.Assistence at Goldman Sachs expense and cost by appointing an asset recovery specialist to locate assets outside Malaysia.

Different figures have been reported elsewhere! Here is the Takeaway!

a).Goldman admits to benefiting exclusively in the sum under paragraph 2

b).The balance was hijacked by others associated with the Abu Dhabi sovereign fund guarantee of US$4 Billion (of which some of the looters are in jail now).

c).Why would Abu Dhabi give a guarantee if the looters had no fingers in the pie?

d).Why appoint a specialist to recover monies and assets outside Malaysia?

e).Why Jho Low is still running loose?  

 Read below to get an idea

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