Why Anwar, Lim Kit Siang & PH Remnants Are Talking Bullshit And Are Clueless!

Why Anwar, Lim Kit Siang & PH Remnants Are Talking Bullshit And Are Clueless!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

I am thoroughly disgusted with the propaganda by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) goons that only a debate in Parliament will enable these goons to comment on the recent short term recovery package announced by the Prime Minister.

The Director of Communications of the PKR Party, Fahmi Fadzil in a press statement, following a special meeting on 31st May, 2020, stated that PKR leaders discussed issues relating to Covid 19 and the impact on the Malaysian society and the economy and that the central leadership council will work on drafting a few policies. Since the meeting we have heard nothing from these goons on the policies that they are drafting and the basis for their conclusions.

I am now calling them out to a debate – PKR and PH cannot provide any credible suggestions and or solutions and what they are doing is to project an illusion that they are doing something when they are in fact clueless and are obsessed with seizing power by any means.

I applaud the cautious approach by the PN government in formulating its policies to overcome the horrendous consequences of the Covid19 pandemic. This has been an unprecedented crisis that has devastated the entire global economy, but the PH regime prior to the imposition of the Movement Control Order (MCO) on 18.3.2020 was clueless and utterly irresponsible in focusing on the Visit Malaysia Year 2020 (distracted by the illusion of generating RM100 Billion revenue) and ignoring WHO’s warning of the global pandemic in January 2020.

Till today, no country has recovered from the economic devastation, save that China has announced that recovery efforts have been facilitated after the re-opening of Wuhan. There are on-going debates, even now, whether the recovery would be a V Curve, U Curve, L Curve or W Curve shape recovery. There are just too many uncertainties to enable policy-makers to draw up long term plans.

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