The Political Reality of the George Floyd Murder And the Democratic Party’s Agenda.

The Political Reality of the George Floyd Murder And the Democratic Party’s Agenda.

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast- Forward

While we must condemn the brutal and senseless murder of George Floyd by a rogue “white police officer”, we must of necessity go behind the real story with regard to the violence sweeping USA. The peaceful protests have been hijacked to facilitate a coup and it is the last ditch efforts by the Democratic Party to regain Black American support for the Presidential Elections in November, 2020. I know, it’s hard for you to believe that there is such a political agenda.

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I invite all of you to ponder the message of the internationally renowned black American philosopher, Dr. Cornell West who said,

“We are witnessing the failed social experiment that is the United States of America in the protests and riots that have followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police….

“You’ve got a neo-liberal wing of the Democratic party, that is now in the driver’s seat with the collapse of brother Bernie and they really don’t know what to do because all they want to do is show more black faces — show more black faces.

“But often times those black faces are losing legitimacy too because the Black Lives Matter movement emerged under a black president (OBAMA), a black Attorney General (ERIC HOLDER), and a black Homeland Security Secretary (JEH JOHNSON) and they couldn’t deliver. So when you talk about the masses of black people, the precious poor and working-class black people, brown, red, yellow, whatever colour, they’re the ones left out and they feel so thoroughly powerless, helpless, hopeless, then you get rebellion”.

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