The DNA of Coups & Regime Change – Ukraine, Hong Kong, Syria and USA!

The DNA of Coups & Regime Change – Ukraine, Hong Kong, Syria and USA!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


Please ensure that the statements below are kept in mind when reading the rest of the article. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Absolute Monarchs and Dictators wield power at the behest of those who have put them in power and or tolerated their continuance when they are still useful.

You may recall that President Trump recently declared that the King of Saudi Arabia can survive only two weeks in power should the US decide to withdraw its support (as have all previous presidents indicated). During the 1997 ASEAN Financial Crisis, President Suharto of Indonesia resigned after an US aircraft carrier was stationed off the coast of Indonesia and Madeline Albright signalled that he was no longer useful and was forced to sign an agreement with the IMF in the presence of  Michel Camdessus, the then Managing Director (16 January 1987 to 14 February 2000) hovering over Suharto, arms folded signifying total dominance over him.

All politicians are mere instruments of those who wield real power.

All political parties are of necessity made up of different factions and agendas.

Democracy is a useful myth and a mere ideological tool for control.

Compromises are temporary and the prerequisite for survival.

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