Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

By Matthias Chang

It is uplifting and incredibly joyful for me to listen to anyone, old and young telling how they have been inspired in their lives by world leaders, scientists, sportsmen and women, writers, painters, poets, achievers, songs, music, pictures of nature, courage, kindness etc.

Names such as Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Usain Bolt, Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Vincent Van Gogh, Renoir, Mother Theresa, Swami Radanath, Rabindranath Tagore, Kahlil Gibran, spring to mind immediately.

It is incomprehensible to me why no one, especially priests, pastors, church elders, evangelists ever mention Jesus. It never pops up in the list of people who have inspired them. To avoid any misunderstanding, I am asserting that the words “inspired”, “inspiration” are not associated with Jesus!

However, we never cease to “pray to Jesus” for our wishes to be fulfilled, to be forgiven, to alleviate our sufferings.

To be inspired, is to be motivated to do something or emulate another person’s achievements,  such as “ I was inspired by Nelson Mandela never to lose hope even in the face of insurmountable challenges.”

Often, we are inspired by stories, real or otherwise of love, courage, sacrifices, kindness etc. Go to any bookshops and you will notice that best-sellers of whatever genres were inspired by love, sacrifices, sufferings, kindness etc.

The Bible is a compilation of stories, great stories, inspiring stories of love, joy, sacrifices, hope, death and renewal. It’s never on any best-sellers list! Hardly anyone bothers to read it, even the believers, save those who are truly committed to “preach the Gospels” to the sinners and those who have “lost their way.”

Why is that?

Yet, it is the greatest LOVE story;

It is the greatest story on SUFFERING and SACRIFICES;

It is the greatest story on FAITH and HOPE;

It is the greatest story EVERTOLD!

Why are people turning their backs on these incredible stories?

Are the storytellers missing something, that they can’t see the forest for the trees?

I don’t have the answers, but I wished I had.

However, I would like to share with you an incredible video of a song composed by two great country music composers and singers, Brad Paisley and Sara Evans, entitled “New Again”. Watch the video below, listen to the lyrics as I believe that the video and song captures the essence of the best Bible story and no one has told the story better than the two singers.


Mother, do not cry for me
All of this is exactly how it’s supposed to be

I’m right here. Can you hear my voice?
My life, my love, my Lord
my baby boy

As they nail me to this tree
Just know the Father waits for me

God how can this be your will?
To have your son and my son killed?

Whatever happens, whatever you see,
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not
Not the end
I am making all things new again

If ever, there was a song, the lyrics, a video that cuts you so deep and painful and then be uplifted by the promise of renewal, this must be it! Enjoy.     

That said, I would love to know which is your favourite Bible story.

Wishing all of you a blessful New Year.