Matthew Goodwin: Why Labour Lost The Election

Matthew Goodwin: Why Labour Lost The Election

[FF Editorial]

PH parties other then Bersatu were and are eseentially LEFT OF CENTRE political parties, if not LEFT for all intent and purposes. A lesser version of the DEMs of USA and the Labour Party of UK. DAP have always identified with the “socialist” factions of the Western political parties. We would assert that the PH parties have been co-opted by the DEMs in USA. the so-alled Liberals. Because of the fake news and the blurring of the economic ansd financial issues, most people in Malaysia are confused as to the core issues which have affected their lives.

But for 1MDB, and the blatant plunder of our country by UMNO elites, led by Najib, there is no way that PH could have defeated BN. Had BN exercised its political courage to jettison NAJIB, BN WOULD HAVE WON the 14th election, with a slight reductiion in its majority in Parliament.  It was not a vote for PH but a vote against Najib and BN paid the price!

PH with its left factions and the so-called REFORMASI agenda (a gross misnomer), overestimated its following and assumed wrongly, that the elctorate bought into their propaganda, much as Labour Party in the UK. There was no scandal in the Conzservative Party to swing the votes to Labour, like what happened in Malaysia. Now that PH has won the 14th Election, it has miscontrued that it has the mandate for its neo-liberal agenda.Hardly anyonme read the Manifesto, not even its own members! And Lim Kit Siang has even confessed, the manifesto made “impossible promises”!

The euphoria of victory and propaganda lasted less than a year and now PH is scrambling to find its direction. It will fail because its DNA is essentially propaganda orientated and not of real substance.

Watch the video and learn the lessons, but it DOES NOT MEAN THAT what happened in the UK can be applied to Malaysia! Learn from the Labour Party’s  mistakes. Prepare for an uncertain future and the  clueless political leadership within BN and PH. This is a given.  The problem is compounded by the interim premiership of Tun Mahathir. The fundamental error and the propaganda was that Tun Mahathir was indispensable to the country. How screwed up can a country be, that the future will be determined by one man who sadly squandered the second opportunity given by God to lead the country to a better future. Tun overplayed his hands and truly believed he had a four Aces when in fact he had only TWO PAIRS TO PLAY!

The future of Malaysia is bleak, if not dire. because of its instability and sectarianism running amok. And soon, together with Indonesia (the largest Muslim block in the world),  the area will be the natural war theatre for the inevitable proxy wars between the Western coalitions (with Arab flunkeys as alluies) and the Russian-China Eurasia alignment of forces.  It will be bloody amd messy and would last for at the least a decade, if not more, as happened in the Middle East war theatre. The shift has already started – the withdrawal of proxy forces from that theatre to South East Asia. It will be the another Vietnam War but engulfing the entire ASEAN region. But, Vietnam will be at the sidelines. This is a given.

The strategic change was announced by false Muslim Obama with his “PIVOT to ASIA”!