Why Christians Are Abandoning Jesus?

By December 8, 2019Current Affairs

Why Christians Are Abandoning Jesus?

By Matthias Chang

There have been billions of people around the world who have, one time or another, tried their hands on various lotteries, some declaring hundreds of US$ millions for the jackpot and millions more for secondary and lesser prizes! And billions of people have given up completely because the odds of winning were so staggering – billions to one, save the hard-core gamblers and they are in the millions! Still trying for the jackpot! Is it faith or addiction to gambling that have sustained them?

I invite you to pause and think deeply on this reality.

Don’t rush, take your time and relate that reality to the other reality of hundreds of millions turning their backs on Jesus, not because of any numerical odds as in a lottery, but because they see no relevance of Jesus in their lives.


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