US Justice Dept. Has Evidence of Hillary Clinton & State Dept. Crimes – Paedophilic Crimes

US Justice Dept. Has Evidence of Hillary Clinton & State Dept. Crimes – Paedophilic Crimes

November 1, 2019

This info is from page 290 of the Inspector General’s Report of the US Justice Dept. The IG was Michael Horowitz and the report was released in Spring 2018. As I said, it’s online and you just have to google for the full report. See PDf document below.

There will be another report by Horowitz any day now and there will be criminal referrals. See:]

With the death (perhaps) of Al Baghdadi, a number of reliable sources have stated that computers and documents were seized, including a large number of US State Department cables sent to Baghdadi. Fairly soon, these cables will be shown to the American public. The New York Times and others only tell the truth when they’re forced into it.

They will be unable to avoid it. Of course, this situation is akin to the case of page 294 of the Horowitz report. It shows the journal entries of Agent Randy Coleman memorializing what his agents saw on Anthony Weiner’s computer. These entries include “Clinton Foundation” with the next line “Crimes against children.”

With a little digging you can find an evidence log-in-sheet that lists not five instances of crimes against children, but five computer folders of crimes against children.

Yet, none of this has ever been acknowledged or discussed in any mainstream media platform.

Similarly, the fact that ISIS is primarily the creation of Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, the CIA, the US State Department, and a raft of others is information that has been in the public domain for years.

They’re Defense Intelligence Agency reports that discuss in detail the genesis of ISIS. Judicial Watch has done a number of FOIA requests and produced documents that make the case unequivocally.

General Flynn has stated that the use of ISIS to further the goals of the Deep State and others is “insanity.”

All of this has been out there but now it is likely to be thrust into the faces of the public in a form that is incontrovertible and irrefutable. Finally, finally, the 800 hundred pound gorilla of the horrors and atrocities of ISIS is going to have to be acknowledged.

There is a possibility that Baghdadi is in fact still alive, and there is considerable evidence that he was or is a Mossad operative named Elliot Shimon, but the whole process of the raid will serve to put the origins and support structure of ISIS at center stage.

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Inspector General Report – Go straight to page 290 onwards of the PDF report and read the filth that was uncovered relating to paedophilic crimes. You will throw a vomit.  Then when you have time, print out the entire report and read it. Then  you will discover the true horror of the Clinton Crime Cabal that included the key institutions of the Deep State.

No wonder they want to wipe out Trump by various coup attempts but have failed so far. The last resort will be assassination, in like manner with the murder of JFK!