Why President Trump WANTS This Impeachment Fight!!!

Why President Trump WANTS This Impeachment Fight!!!

FF Editorial

Only amateurs in politics think that Trump will be impeached and forced out of office.  But, we have stated that Trump plays chess while his enemies play marbles in the toilet. This is another genius move by Trump in getting free publicity from anti-Trump MSM to be re-elected and the anti-Trump MSM has no choice but to play the game started by Trump. In order to get Trump for a make believe crime which Trump cannot commit, Nancy Pelose and the Democrats have to expose their own crmes, especially their potential candidate for president, Joe Biden which the Democrats have tried so hard to cover up his crimes. Now it is in the open!

So, MSM have to report the Joe Biden’s crimes in order to impeach Trump. An impossibility as the Republicans control the Senate which MUST AGREE to impeach and they will not do so. Because, they outvote the Democrats!

Trump leaked a rumour. The fools jumped on the wagon, incited by the bias MSM to commence impeachment proceedings. Then Trump published the transcripts of his conversation with the new president of Ukraine which reveals that the new president of Ukraine want to rstart investigations into Joe Biden and his corruption and how Joe Biden demanded the sacking of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Joe Biden and his son for corruption and money-laundering!  The prosecutor was sacked as demanded. Now the prosecutor is reinstated to investigate Joe Biden and his son by the new president of Ukraine. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats walked into a classic political trap!

What impeachment?????

Now, do you understand about playing chess in politics?