The British In Desperate Mobilization: Seek Wars to Defeat Donald Trump

The British In Desperate Mobilization: Seek Wars to Defeat Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump speaks to members of the press on the South Lawn of the White House Monday, May 20, 2019, prior to boarding Marine One to begin his trip to Pennsylvania. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

Trump Orders Declassification. Question of the Day: What Did the Queen Know and When Did She Know It?

By Barbara Boyd – [email protected]

As we head into Memorial Day in Washington, dysfunctional madness and insurrection are the order of the day from the Democrats and the legacy news media. The Speaker of the House says the President is a criminal who is conducting crimes right before our eyes and, immediately thereafter, strolls into a meeting with him at the White House to negotiate about infrastructure. He walks out. She then says he was throwing a tantrum and, apparently, should have just ignored her claim, delivered just minutes before she walked into the room, that he is an out-and-out crook. The deranged former head of the FBI says that the President has eaten the Attorney General’s soul. Similar absolutely psychotic and crazed formulations dominate the media landscape. Liberal judges, the legacy media, the pompous House Chairmen, preening for the cameras every day, spout nonsense, insisting that the three-year attempted coup against the President which has stalled the nation and is eating like a cancer at the institutions of government must continue. The image of the mad Queen in Alice in Wonderland, somehow producing small replicas of herself, male and female, comes to mind.

So, the President, being a President, called the question during the evening of May 23. You see, all of the drama in Washington is in reaction to the fact that all of these fools are about to be exposed. Thursday night, the White House announced that the President has given Attorney General Bill Barr full authority to declassify documents concerning the spying on the Trump Campaign and the transition, and the cooked up witch hunt against this President. The President has also ordered all of his intelligence agencies, the State Department, and other key agencies to cough up documents and cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation.

Meanwhile, across the pond, as they say, the British government teeters on the edge of collapse over Brexit. Still, ahead of the President’s June visit, a furious mobilization is underway to cover up the British instigation and conduct in the coup against Trump. The Queen initiated a charm offensive, inviting Trump for a historic and fairly unprecedented state visit. All the British tabloids were filled with a cover story on May 19, led by the Daily Telegraph, exposing but limiting the British government’s dealings with MI6 spy Christopher Steele and his dirty and fabricated dossier and government sponsored information warfare operations against Donald Trump. At the same time, in true British fashion, the declaration that President Trump must not have a second term, a declaration loudly proclaimed as official British policy in the December 2018 House of Lords Report, British Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order, is being implemented in the form of ramping up every perpetual hot spot in the world. The game here is to get the President involved in a war, based on British hoaxes, pretexts, and assets, creating an actual possibility for this President’s electoral defeat.

So, the proverbial walls, which we have heard so much about for three years, are actually closing in—not on Donald Trump, but on the British imperialists and their satraps in the establishment of the United States, who illegally intervened to swing the 2016 U.S. presidential election to Hillary Clinton.

Attorney General William Barr has announced that he is not just investigating gross misconduct at the top of the U.S. Department of Justice with respect to spying on the Trump Presidential Campaign and transition. He has opened an investigation into the early actions of the Obama intelligence chiefs in going after candidate Trump. He has appointed a dogged investigator, John Durham, to go after this and has also created his own investigative group within the DOJ. Congressman Devin Nunes has sent a letter to the White House, citing the articles in the British press over the last few days about British operations against Donald Trump, suggesting that the President use his June state visit to Britain to fully explore the British origins of the coup against him. This proposal concerning President Trump’s visit, was originally made by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

Reporter Paul Sperry from the New York Post, also obviously receiving official leaks, made three highly significant twitter posts in the past few days. Summarized, they state that John Durham is investigating an American intelligence cell set up by Obama CIA Chief John Brennan and involving multiple agencies, based on briefings that Christopher Steele, author of the infamous fake dossier against Trump, gave to British intelligence in early 2016, about Russia and Trump. Another Sperry tweet states that we can expect to find that the Steele dossier functioned as the equivalent of the dodgy dossier, the entirely fake intelligence knowingly promoted by Sir Richard Dearlove and Tony Blair, which got the United States into the disastrous Iraq War. In 2016, the British-instigated targeted surveillance and dirty tricks operation was aimed at politically disorienting and defeating the angry constituencies in the United States and Britain backing both Trump and Brexit. Another Sperry tweet states that the investigation conducted by Barr and Durham includes the U.S. embassies in London and Kiev, Ukraine, both of which were up to their ears in the attempt to swing the election for Clinton while simultaneously demonizing Putin and Russia. If Sperry is right, Barr and Durham are targeting the very heart of the imperial beast.

According to the British cover stories published on May 19, British intelligence knew about Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier before Donald Trump learned about it from James Comey in January 2017. As the fake news goes, Christopher Steele provided his fake facts to Charles Farr, who headed the all-powerful British Joint Intelligence Committee and the Joint Intelligence Organizations for Theresa May, in November of 2016. Farr and Steele reviewed Steele’s “intelligence” in detail. The only problem with the cover story is that the same very same British tabloids came damn near publishing something truthful about all of this back in 2017, when their confidence was high that the coup against Trump would succeed. On April 17, 2017, the Guardian bragged, British intelligence had been working up a file on Trump and Russia since 2015 and colluding with Obama CIA Chief John Brennan in its development. Charles Farr was a truly crazed intelligence mandarin in the image of Dr. Strangelove, and is, conveniently, dead and unavailable for further interrogation. He was known for his promotion of total surveillance and censorship regimes for manipulating the population based on the pretext of confronting terrorism and for an insane drive for regime change in Russia. Russiagate has proved to be a far more potent narrative for imposing the police state surveillance schemes Farr advocated, with people who formerly advocated free speech and civil liberties now signing up in droves for measures that will crush and censor all dissent.

As this is being written, Julian Assange has been indicted by the United States while in British custody, on charges which could send him to prison for life. Thus, one of the few people who actually know the sources for the DNC and Podesta leaks that Anglophilic Senator John McCain declared a Russian act of war, is in a situation in which his life is in immediate danger. True to the story here, Assange was not indicted for anything having to do with the 2016 elections, since no case could be proved against him for the hoax called the Russian hack of the DNC and John Podesta. Instead, he was indicted for publications made nearly a decade ago, involving leaks by former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.

Larry Johnson, a former CIA Analyst and State Department counter-terror expert, says that British intelligence undertook a broad-sweep surveillance operation against all U.S. presidential candidates in 2015 (not just Donald Trump), in order to secure the election for Hillary Clinton. As Trump advanced through the primaries, the operation expanded and included more spies on both sides of the Atlantic. Entrapment operations were launched against the Trump Campaign, many of them on British soil, in order to fabricate evidence and justify further investigations, all on phony pretexts. Informants and assets on both sides of the Atlantic made repeated approaches to the campaign itself and to its volunteers and staff, offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. Long time FBI informant Felix Sater, together with his boyhood friend Michael Cohen, pressed Trump on his project for a Trump property in Moscow. At the same time, Ukrainian intelligence collaborated with Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor for the DNC and, like Christopher Steele, a major player in the 2014 Anglo-American Ukrainian coup, in the targeting of Paul Manafort, Trump’s Campaign Chairman. Chalupa’s various tweets indicate that she was fully in league and working with Steele on his full spectrum information warfare campaign against the Trump Campaign and transition on behalf of the British and the Obama White House.

Bill Binney, former NSA Technical Director, has demonstrated that there was no Russian hack of the DNC or Podesta, based on actual forensics and data extracted from what WikiLeaks published from the DNC and Podesta. Binney has submitted an affidavit in the Roger Stone criminal case, challenging the entire Russiagate narrative about these so-called hacks as invented by CrowdStrike and Robert Mueller. In the next days, the government must answer Binney’s facts. As many know, the FBI and Mueller depended upon CrowdStrike, the DNC’s computer security vendor, for its conclusion that Russia hacked the DNC, never examining the actual crime scene themselves. But, in addition to this complete breach of any investigative protocol, the FBI had to know that Dmitri Alperovitch, the CrowdStrike investigator responsible for attributing the WikiLeaks publications to a Russian hack, was violently anti-Russian. He led the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Lab (DFL), and both Dmitri Alperovitch and DFL were up to their ears, like Christopher Steele and Victoria Nuland’s State Department, in the British-instigated Ukraine coup. In fact, Alperovitch, in December of 2016, got caught falsely attributing a hack of Ukrainian military equipment to the Russians, an attribution which was so reckless that it was retracted by both Britain’s International Institute of Strategic Studies and the Ukrainian government.

Why were the British so desperate to secure the election for Hillary Clinton, to control the President of the United States in the year 2016? The answer lies in the fact that their globalist financial system lost all credibility in the collapse of 2007-2008. Populations across the advanced sector began to revolt and have continued to demand radical change. At the same time, China stepped forward with its great Belt and Road Initiative, promising to put the entire world on a new, modern infrastructure platform—promising real physical economic development. Russia and China proposed developing all of Eurasia, the land which since Halford Mackinder has been at the center of the British Great Game for world geopolitical dominance, and that development process is underway.

Frantic, the British imperial establishment launched a campaign for regime change in Russia and strategic encirclement of Putin, culminating its initial stage in the 2014 coup in Ukraine. At the same time, the British blew up the Middle East, their strategic playground, yet again, throwing terrorists against the Assad regime in Syria and persistently pestering the United States to involve itself wholesale in yet another genocidal war. At the same time, Obama began his strategic and financial encirclement of China, and military provocations in the South China Sea, a strategy which was supposed to culminate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The only sure bet to continue these insane policies was the deranged war hawk, Hillary Clinton—the woman who expressed outright glee when Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized and assassinated, and who outrageously compares Putin to Hitler to the delight of her British masters. Clinton was involved in the direct interventions into the 2011 Russian parliamentary elections and joined the British in regime change operations directed against Russia. When Donald Trump revolted publicly against the British policy of perpetual war, and said getting along with Russia was a good thing, the British resolved to eliminate him, no matter what the cost.