The Most Heinous Coup In The History Of The World

The Most Heinous Coup In The History Of The World

Shocking! The entire State Apparatus comprising the Department of Justice (DOJ), headed by the then AG Loretta Lynch,  the Federal Bureau Of Investigations (FBI) headed by James Comey, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headed by false Muslim John Brennan, the Office of National Intelligence (ONI) headed by James Clapper Jr and the President of USA, false Muslim Barack Obama, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party acting in concert, fraudulently obtained orders from the FISA Court to spy on Trump – way back in 2015 before the Primary Campaign for the nomination as candiddate for the Republican Party and during the entire presidential campaign in 2016 leading to the inauguration in Janaury, 2017.

National Security Agency (NSA)  Director Admiral Mike Rogers discovered that the FBI was conducting illegal spying operations and lying about it to the FISA Court—that kicked off one of the greatest abuse of power criminal investigations in American history resulting in the 99-page FISA Court ruling issued on 26 April 2017 detailing these massive FBI crimes—and that President Trump ordered declassified.  See the PDF document below!

CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper rushed to President Obama demanding that he immediately fire Admiral Rogers for his working with the FISA Court to uncover these FBI crimes—but Obama was too terrified to do (that’s called obstruction of a criminal investigation)–and on the morning of 17 November 2016, a steadfast Admiral Rogers traveled to meet President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team at Trump Tower, but didn’t inform DNI Clapper about the meeting—and later that evening, the Trump team announced they were moving all transition activity to Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey—and is why the Combat Veterans For Congress organization has proclaimed Admiral Rogers as being one of the greatest American heroes their nation has ever produced.

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