The Filthy, Insidious Politics Of Racial And Religious Incitement For Political Power

The Filthy, Insidious Politics Of Racial And Religious Incitement For Political Power

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Before I begin with my analysis of the events on Saturday, December, 8th 2018, let me draw your attention to a past event that was propagated as likely to be repeated on Saturday. This specific propaganda went viral, days before yesterday’s failed attempt to incite chaos and bloodshed in Kuala Lumpur.

I am referring to May, 13th 1969!

It did not come as a surprise to me, as racial incitement is the preferred and the only political weapon that bankrupt politicians in Malaysia across the entire political divide, with no exceptions, use to capture and retain power, since 1969.

But, there was a twist. It was propagated that the chaos on Saturday would be the pretext to overthrow Tun Mahathir as prime minister as happened in 1969 with the ouster of Tengku Abdul Rahman, our first prime minister following the racial progrom!

This inadvertent admission had opened a can of worms but to the Mastermind(s) the objectives and benefits to be achieved outweighed the risks of exposure.

The “Do” or “Die” political gambit of desperate politicians! Time was of the essence and time was running out for many of the players!

Get this propaganda strategy registered in your minds.

There are two objectives to be achieved, depending who are the Masterminds or alternatively a specific Mastermind using the event, to retain power and wipe out the enemies so as to be the unchallenged political Supremo once again for the foreseeable future!

Pause and think.

We have witnessed on Friday, 7th December the fiery chaos in Paris. Interestingly, it was the “Yellow shirts” in Paris, “Purple Revolution of Obama/Clinton for a civil war in USA”, UNMO “Red Shirts” before the 14th General Elections and the “Black Shirts” of ISIS in Syria. On Saturday, as the STAR newspaper declared, what we had was the crowd of “White Shirts(Democracy, Malaysian style) – the mostly ignorant and stupid crowd gathered by the likes of Hadi of PAS and Zahid Hamidi of UMNO.

Who were baited?

 Almost, everyone across the entire political, social and religious divide!


The time-tested political strategy of ‘deliberately creating the problem or crisis and then provide the expected solution demanded by the targeted brainwashed population.

And what was the bait?

ICERD (The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) was the bait. And the expected opposition to its ratification!

Was it planned in advance?

Of course!  The first attempt at baiting was initiated by Najib and UMNO

In March of 2018, the Najib regime rolled out the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) anchored upon the Cairo Declaration On Human Rights In Islam (CDHRI) to seduce PAS and Hadi to join forces to defeat the Pakatan Harapan Coalition in the 14th General Elections. In this plan, the Najib declared that:

.. the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) should not be the sole benchmark for human rights in its National Human Rights Action Plan.

The plan stated that countries under the OIC of which Malaysia is a member should instead adhere to the interpretation of human rights in accordance to the Shariah law, and the instruments such as CDHRI should be the primary reference.

In the context of Malaysia, the human rights issue especially those involving the role of religion, ethics and culture must be tackled parallel to Islamic teachings and the Federal Constitution. Otherwise, it would erode a life of religion and bring about moral ruin among society.

The biggest kleptoctrat talking about moral ruin in society. Figure it out! Only in Malaysia.

The mention of the Federal Constitution was significant. Now, ask yourself – what is the propaganda line being used for the December 8, 2018 rally? 

There was a deafening silence from the ranks of Pakatan Harapan. They did not take the bait because to do so, would push Hadi deeper into the embrace of the criminal Najib and his cahoots. But, the numbskulls in the PH Opposition were so ignorant and stupid that they did not know how to expose this insidious bait. Hence their deafening silence, including Tun Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, the so-called “PM in Waiting”. Time is of the essence!

However, Najib and UMNO lost the 14th General Elections with Hadi taking the political crumbs, notwithstanding this devious incitement.

But, a stark reality emerged from the results. UMNO still retained a substantial number of rural Malay votes who were easily manipulated and referred to as the “fixed deposit” of votes for UMNO, in addition to the Sarawak and Sabah “fixed deposit of the  bought and paid for voters”.

Given the above scenario, and the attempt at baiting by Najib and PAS before the 14th Elections, you need to ask the US$1 Trillion question:

Why did the PKR Foreign Minister in July and Suhakam in August 2018 raised the issue of ratifying ICERD? Why did Tun Mahathir said in his  speech at the UN General Assembly in September, 2018 that Malaysia would in due course ratify all remaining Human Rights treaties/Convention, albeit with an ambiguous caveat?      

I stand to be corrected, that almost all Malaysians would not have heard of ICERD and or bothered with it because they were more concerned with the 1MDB criminal fiasco, the horrendous RM1 Trillion national debt and the urgent need to have Najib and his entire cabal of money-launderers convicted and imprisoned.

The PH leaders, without exceptions, made no efforts to prepare the ground for the rightful and uncontroversial ratification of ICERD based on irrefutable facts and law, more so after the insidious baiting by Najib and PAS before the election referred to in the foregoing paragraphs. The issue of the ratification of ICERD was sprung on the people by the Minister in the Prime Minister Department, one Mr. Moorthy, followed by a swift retort by the old political fox, that ratification of ICERD can only be done after major amendments to the Constitution, especially regarding the entrenched provisions concerning Malay special position, the monarchy and Islam.

Tun Mathithir after igniting the racial and constitutional fuse did not utter a word that the ratification of ICERD would not necessitate any amendments to the Constitution as countries are allowed to be exempted from complying with any provisions of ICERD with the relevant “Reservations” stipulated on signing the treaty. He told as big lie that the Constitution would have to be amended. I  have explained in great detail in my two video addresses in late November and early December 2018 posted to Youtube and to my website – how Tun Mahathir and others have misled and lied on this issue.

As they say, the rest is history. Racial and religious incitement went full throttle.

Fuel was added to the fire when a group of thugs went to a Hindu temple allegedly to dislodge its devotees and supporters from resisting a consent judgment to vacate the premises on an agreed date. Chaos and turmoil ensued as expected and the spectre of the bloody race riots of May 13th, 1969 was resurrected and the political goons had a field day!

Then, Tun Mahathir announced that the government would not ratify ICERD! The knight in shining armour coming to the rescue!

The fog of an impending “war” clouded the rational minds, what with one minister declaring that harsh measures would be taken in accordance with the relevant laws (some of which were to be suspended pending repeal etc.) while Suhakam had announced that it would be celebrating Human Rights Day on the same day as the bigots were having their so-called mega Anti-ICERD Human Rights Rally.

Tun was invited to attend the Suhakam function. Prior to December 8, 2018, the public was not informed at all that Tun would not be attending the event.  It was only after the postponement of the Suhakam event on grounds of national security, that Tun Mahathir announced to the public that he could not possibly attend the Suhakam event as he is opposed to signing the ICERD convention. And he is the Prime Minister of a so-called reformist government.

How opportunistic, deceptive and cowardly of Tun Mahathir!

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December, which is the anniversary of the day that the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 2018, Human Rights Day will mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It has nothing to do with ICERD or for that matter the other Human Rights Conventions which Malaysia has already ratified!

In simple and blunt terms, what Tun Mahathir said regarding his reasons for not attending Suhakam’s Human Rights event in conjunction with the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights is but a cheap and obnoxious pandering to the racist and religious bigots. In essence Tun Mahathir is saying that as a “Malay and a Muslim” he will stand shoulder to shoulder with the bigots in rejecting ICERD as the convention is  anti-Islam and anti-the Malaysian Constitution. This cannot be denied by Tun Mahathir as the advertised Platform for the Rally was that ICERD is anti-the Malay race, Islam and the Monarchy.

This is the most disgusting betrayal, by any political leader in the history of our country, of our cherish principles on upholding human rights, the non-discrimination of anyone on the grounds of race, culture, religion and language.

And Tun Mahathir is a declared and practicing Muslim!  And his disgusting display was closely followed and emulated by the PM-in-Waiting, the so-called reformer, Anwar Ibrahim!

Anwar said and I quote:

“I love this country. I want justice for all people in this country. But this cannot diminish my love for my race and culture and my confidence in the principles of Islam.

But, Anwar conveniently forgets (or totally ignorant) that the Holy Quran commands and exhorts that Justice is a duty second only to piety to Allah. See Surah Al Maidah – 5:8 which states:

O Ye who believe, stand out firmly for God as witnesses to fair dealing, and not let hatred of others, make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: That is next to piety. And fear God. For God is well acquainted with all that Ye do.”

Wow, the two devout champions of race and religion of the Pakatan Harapan Government openly violating the Holy Quran. Yet, by their stance, they have also betrayed the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), as well as the Charter of the United Nations. But, more pertinently, they have betrayed the various Islamic Declarations on Human Rights, namely:

  1. The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights 1981 (UIDHR);

2. The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam 1990 (CDHRI)

3. Most importantly the principles of Human Rights as embodied in the Holy Quran which the OIC has  declared unreservedly, that the above two Islamic Declarations are grounded on the Holy Quran and the Sunnahs of the Prophet (PBUH).

I invite these two hypocritical leaders to google, then download and study seriously the two Islamic Declarations and dare deny that they have not betrayed the said Quranic principles. I had in my two video addresses on the above issues, cited exhaustively from OIC’s experts who prepared the Declarations, the corresponding Articles of the Declarations with the relevant Surahs in the Quran and that the said articles of the Islamic Declarations have their equivalent in the UDHR and ICERD. More importantly, while ICERD and the general principles of International Laws allow “Reservations” to any treaty, the two Islamic Declarations do not allow any form of reservations. I quote:


“Whereas by virtue of their divine source and sanction these rights can neither be curtailed, abrogated or disregarded by authorities, assemblies or other institutions, nor can they be surrendered or alienated.


THAT FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND UNIVERSAL FREEDOMS in Islam are an integral part of Islamic religion and that no one as a matter of principle has the right to suspend them in whole or in part or violate or ignore them in as much as they are binding divine commandments, which are contained in the Revealed Books of God and were sent through the last of His Prophets to complete the preceding Divine messages THEREBY MAKING THEIR OBSERVANCES AN ACT OF WORSHIP AND THEIR NEGLECT OR VIOLATION an ABOMINABLE SIN, and accordingly every person is individually responsible – and the ummnah collectively responsible – for their safeguard.”

 Shame on them! Shame on their duplicity!

I have not criticised Hadi Awang and Zahid Hamidi in this article as stridently as I have of the two political clowns referred to above (reformists par excellence), because Hadi Awang and Zahid Hamidi did not pretend to be otherwise then what they are – hypocrites!



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