Imran Khan’s Full Inaugural Speech As Prime Minister Of Pakistan (English Sub-Titles)

Imran Khan’s Full Inaugural Speech As Prime Minister Of Pakistan (English Sub-Titles Included)

At long last, a genuine Muslim leader from a Muslim country that puts to shame the so-called Muslim countries of the Middle East who have betrayed Islam and were complicit with Zionists Israel and Western nations in inciting Muslims to kill fellow Muslims in Syria and elsewhere. Imran Khan was truly inspired by Allah and the Prophet (PBUH) and was not ashamed to acknowledge the blessings of Allah for his victory. He explained with conviction how a genuine Muslim country ought to be ruled in accordance with islamic principles, not the distortion and false teachings of the Wahhabists from Saudi Arabia who use monies to corrupt the institutions of various countries to follow its dictates. May Allah bless and protect Imran Khan from the devilish plotters who cannot accept this historic transformation of Pakistan and or be assassinated  by the fanatics serving foreign intelligence services interests, like the CIA under the then Head, Brennan and the British criminals under MI6.

Watch the below video and spread it far and wide, especially Malaysians who were brainwashed to believe that PAS insidious form of Islam is the end all and be all of the true teachings of Allah and the Prophet (PBUH). Now we have a leader who, we can use as a benchmark against our local leaders who wear their religion on the lapels.

Imran Khan went against raw and ugly violence of the Deep State, its military and the rogue intelligence operators to show the way to the people of pakistan. Long may he continue. We, at Future Fastforward salute Imran Khan for his historic victory, blessed by ALLAH.