Christian Singer Honours Palestinian Fighters In Gaza

Christian Singer Honours  Palestinian Fighters In Gaza

Over the years and when I was in Palestine, I believe and I am always been told that the struggle of the heroic Palestinians is one of liberation from tyranny and oppression from Zionist Israel’s barbaric occupation and its colonisation. AND NOT A RELIGIOUS STRUGGLE – Islam against the Israel/Judaism which alienates many good people all over the world who have been brainwashed to believe as such.

One of the most guilty party (indirectly) promoting this insidious propaganda that undermines the struggle of the Palestinian are the Wahhabist Muslims in Malaysia who propagate the false narrative that it is a religious struggle.

I have always advocated and urged the world to follow the example of the Vietnamese in their war against US imperialism which ended in the defeat of the so-called mighty USA because the country was united not on religious fanaticism but the common struggle for liberation and self-determination.  But, many Muslims deliberately distort the struggle of the Palestinians and in Malaysia as in other hypocritical Muslim countries, all they do, is to demonstrate before the US Embassy, make some noise and get back to the daily lives, having cleared temporarily their screwed up conscience. Sickening!

Watch the video and be inspired and emulate the singer’s devotion and courage to the cause of the Palestinians!