Forensic Expert Confirms: Heather Heyer Was Not Murdered In Charlottesville!

Forensic Expert Confirms: Heather Heyer Was Not Murdered In Charlottesville!

Parallels With The Low Yat Mayhem In Kuala Lumpur –How Vehicles Were Smashed And Attacked

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

I have been at pains and through great lengths in exposing the insidious actions of the Deep State in the USA and the sinister efforts of false Muslim Obama and criminal Killary Clinton to launch a coup against President Trump.

These scumbags, supposedly “leftists” who through fake news and propaganda are deemed to be vested with the so-called legitimacy and absolute right that only they have the moral authority through violence, to determine what is acceptable and what is within their right to oppose. And anyone who challenges that narrative is immediately tarred and labelled as a “fascists and a right winger” thereby implying that if you are a on the “Left”, be it as a member of the  hardcore Trokyites or a Zionist, you are on high moral ground and can do with impunity, even to kill and cause havoc.

It does not matter whether you like or Trump. The purpose of all my exposé of the blatant violence being unleashed in the USA is to enable Malaysians to draw a parallel with the violence unleashed by our criminal backed “Red Shirt” thugs and the co-ordinated intimidations and false flag operations and blaming the ensuing violence on oppositions groups and even scandalously attributing to Tun Mahathir Mohamad when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

The only difference is that in Malaysia, those who were injured were innocent victims of violence and were not participants in the mindless, properly funded and co-ordinated provocations and incitement.

I append below the latest update on the violence in Charlottesville, USA which I hope will open the eyes of Malaysians opposing the corrupt regime.

 Was Heather Heyer An Innocent Victim Or A Reckless Participant Of Obama Inspired Antifa Violence?

Based on photographic evidence…

Heyer’s body does not look like it has sustained trauma, even after the charger struck the car in front of it. This could mean that Heyer was climbing on the hood/windshield of the grey car before the impact. Additionally, there was no damage to the car hood or windshield caused by the impact of Heyer’s body. 

During the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12-13, 2017, violence broke out at what was intended to be a peaceful rally, which had been held legally with a permit. The culprit of the violence?

Despite what the mainstream media has parroted, violence at the rally ensued when counter-protesters appeared to speak against the conservative rally’s cause, wielding baseball bats and homemade flamethrowers.

Perhaps the most unfortunate damage brought on by radical left-wing counter-protectors was the death of Heather Heyer, which occurred after the leftists began to demolish the car of the infamous James Fields, who then panicked and ran over Heyer in a frenzy.

However, according to a forensic expert who chooses to remain anonymous, she was not murdered by collision with Fields’s car. According to this expert, the position of Heyer’s body on the front of the car was inconsistent with the course of the car striking her. This, of course, places a large boulder in the path of Fields’s accusers, who wish to see him executed for domestic terrorism. If a forensic scientist and long-time policeman can say with confidence that her body could not have been hit by the vehicle, then what evidence can stand against that?

In a private interview with Taylor Larson, Editor-in-Chief of Squawker Media, an anonymous forensic expert provided the following statement on the escalated situation:

“To make a disclaimer, I am not 100% sure about the Heyer case and the innocence of James Fields. There are aspects of her death that can’t be well understood from pictures. Numerous details have yet to be ironed out, making it difficult to ascertain an exact portrait of the event: that is…what happened immediately before, during, and after Heyer was struck by the vehicle.

As a detective, I have to look at sheer evidence. The Heyer case bothers me for a lot of reasons. I list them below.

“Firstly, video footage shows James Fields’ car was under attack by several people. His natural reaction was likely fight or flight, rather than sitting there and letting himself be exposed to harm. Fields’ plea for innocence may be helped by the fact that he waited quite a while for the streets to clear. It appears Fields’ did not have the intent to kill but was provoked by an attack. There are laws like the Castle Doctrine and Stand-Your-Ground that protect people when they are under attack. Many states have them.

“Not only was Fields’ car attacked by people on foot, it appears the other two cars in front of him were under attack. Heather Heyer appears to have been one of the attackers based on the position of her body on the hood of the grey car in the photo. The position of Heyer’s body in the photo would be considered extremely atypical of somebody who was struck by a vehicle. Heyer’s body does not look like it has sustained trauma, even after the charger struck the car in front of it. This could mean that Heyer was climbing on the hood/windshield of the grey car before the impact. Additionally, there was no damage to the car hood or windshield caused by the impact of Heyer’s body. Again, this would be very atypical in a case involving car blunt force trauma.

“If anything, it looks like Heyer was climbing on the grey vehicle’s hood and windshield before the charger hit the back of it, and the force of the strike caused Heyer to fall off the side. You can see the same thing happened to the individual who appeared to have been climbing on the hood of the purple Honda. He was thrown off the side of the car and likely sustained injuries.

“If prosecutors find that Heyer was already climbing on the grey vehicle, they wouldn’t even be able to get a manslaughter charge on Fields, let alone a second degree murder charge. While it is sad, Heyer acted illegally by climbing on somebody else’s car in the first place. She put herself at risk.

“Most in the press doesn’t realize it, but the prosecution will face a massive uphill battle to get second degree murder. Fields was massively overcharged in this incident. It appears Heather Heyer wasn’t murdered, she was a victim of her own reckless actions.”

It seems very black and white, that if Heyer had been atop Fields’s vehicle, there is no ability to hold Fields accountable for any damage done to her, as any such damage would be nothing more than the result of her own foolish actions. However, this is not the framework that the mainstream media desires the world to look through; rather, Heyer is to be depicted as a martyr and inspiration for us all – as an innocent victim who was brutally murdered by a raging Nazi lunatic in a grey car.

But the story behind the death of Heather Heyer is, like most stories, deeper than some would have us believe.