Sally Yates Accused Of Leaking Info To The Press

Sally Yates Accused Of Leaking Info To The Press

By American Liberty Report

Monday Donald Trump accused the previous acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, of leaking sensitive information from the White House. She and the former National Intelligence Director, James Clapper went before Congress to answer regarding an investigation into 2016 ‘Russian Election Interference.’

Trump, using his usual method of bypassing the press with his personal Twitter account, wrote; “Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how the classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Council.”

Yates was fired by Trump after she refused to enforce his “Muslim Ban” – even though the ban was identical to Obama’s policy from 2011. During her testimony she described the warnings she delivered to the White House concerning the former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

Yates told the White House that Flynn may have delivered misleading information to the Trump Administration about the substance of his interactions with Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. This then left the door open for Russia to blackmail Flynn in nefarious ways.

Flynn was dismissed by Trump, but not for what he is accused of by Yates- but for giving misleading information to Vice President, Mike Pence. At least, that was the initial explanation.

The fact is, Trump has an intel problem. Because his opposition is so deeply interwoven into the political system, he doesn’t know who is giving him good information and he doesn’t know if the people he trusts are being given good information. Insiders who have good reason to claim to understand Trump’s motivations and his situation say that the dismissal of Michael Flynn was done not because Trump was displeased with him, but because the intelligence resources he was relying on had been compromised.

The president depends on his advisors to make decisions- as does any high powered decision maker. If Trump’s advisors are there to undermine him, or if the people who advise his advisors are working against the administration- that would make Trump’s actions appear wild and hard to understand.

This development with Sally Yates being dismissed, along with James Comey, could mean that the shadow government at work against President Trump could actually be nearing its end. It is reasonable that the praise Trump gave to Yates weeks ago was purely political- that he praised her in order to disarm his opponents just long enough to drain the swamp.

As far as the dismissal of James Comey, this is one of the brightest signs we could hope for.

Comey had stymied innumerable investigators in the FBI from turning their resources toward the shady dealings of the now defunct Clinton Foundation and its many Pay to Play entanglements with Saudi Arabia.

In addition his actions turned a classified investigation into a made-for-TV drama in which he fashioned himself as the lead character. FBI agents and investigations are supposed to be done quietly and out of the public’s eye. When Comey decided to go on national TV he made himself and his department a politicized party thus allowing the president to lose all confidence in his ability to conduct investigations thoroughly and without reproach.

Now that Comey is out of the way, there is nothing to stand between the Clintons and the justice they so richly deserve.

It has been a major issue for Trump supporters who want to see Clinton prosecuted for her many blatant crimes against the American people- not to mention the millions of people who have suffered around the world as a result of her actions and policies.

One thing is clear; there are shadowy forces at work in Washington that are making it hard for Donald Trump to do his job. But it seems that these forces are beginning to lose their grip on Trump’s office. And now, with Yates and Comey out of the way- there’s a better chance that we’re going to start seeing a heck of a lot more swamp draining than we’ve seen so far.