Susan Rice Revealed As Complicit In Trump Wiretapping

Susan Rice Revealed As Complicit In Trump Wiretapping

By American Liberty Report

There have been a series of vindications for Trump since he tweeted an accusation about Obama ‘wiretapping’ the Trump campaign and Trump Tower recently. Since then, democrats and the mainstream media have been calling him crazy and paranoid.

But Vault 7 proved that Trump is not crazy. Now, Susan Rice has been caught committing what amounts to an act of intrastate espionage against Donald Trump. The official story is that during a routine surveillance sweep, intelligence agencies believed they had information that came from Trump’s team and while this data should legally have remained “metadata,” Susan Rice made a direct request that the people connected to that data should be ‘unmasked.’

Ordinarily, we are told that when the NSA, for example, takes information about Americans, it is vague information that doesn’t reveal the identity of the person concerned. Metadata about non persons of interest is labeled “U.S. Person.” When a ‘U.S. Person’ comes under suspicion they can be ‘unmasked.’ This is only legal when they are suspected of committing a crime or having connections to criminal entities or events.

So, as the story goes, the Trump team and Trump Tower had their data scooped up along with- presumably- innumerable other ‘U.S. Persons.’ But when it was found that Trump metadata had been discovered Susan Rice explicitly asked for the people behind that data to be ‘unmasked,’ which should only have happened if a crime had been committed. But there was no crime. This means Susan Rice has illegally called for the surveillance of Donald Trump.

The names of the unmasked people associated with Trump were sent to the National Security Council, and shared with the Defense Department, with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and with CIA Director, John Brennan. In other words, it was shared with all the top officials at the top of the intelligence agencies.

The names collected, we are told, were included in an incidental electronic surveillance event of then-candidate, now President, Trump and many of the people working for him. This includes members of Trump’s family and this went on for up to a year before Donald Trump took office.

Almost serendipitously, this comes on the heels of Evelyn Farkas’ interview in March in which the Obama admin. deputy secretary of defense said, “I urged my former colleagues and […] people on the Hill to get as much information as possible, get as much intel as you can before Obama leaves the White House.”

Meanwhile, it has also come to light that the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, knew about these and similar illegal leaking and ‘unmasking’ events in January- long before President Trump’s March tweet.

The series of events following Trump’s tweeted accusation could not have been better planned so as to dismantle the Russian hacking narrative while at the same time placing a focus on the truth of the misdeeds of the Obama-led intel community’s actions during the election.

Many conservative Washington insiders have been telling us in the last few months that if the democrats make an accusation- it is likely that they themselves are guilty of the very thing they are accusing others of doing. Judging this admonishment based only on the events surrounding the phony Russian hacking scandal- it seems to be proving true.

Trump’s critics had a field day during the two days between Trump’s wiretapping accusation and the release of the Vault 7 document which proved that his claims were possible. That has given him a great deal of leeway to press his case, but there was still room for the MSM and democrats to say that he was wrong.

Now, with the revelation about Susan Rice’s ‘unmasking,’ the accidental mia culpa of Evelyn Farkas on national television, the fierce backpedaling of FBI Director James Comey and the fact that more WikiLeaks dumps on what spying crimes the intelligence agencies are capable of are on their way- we can all look forward to a lot more of this sort of thing.

For anyone who is surprised at what Obama acolytes and the Deep State can do, all of this is a shock to the system. But for those who have been taking Edward Snowden seriously over the last few years, it feels like fresh air.

Our suspicions are not only confirmed, and the guilt (not to mention the existence) of the Deep State are revealed. Now, there is the scent of prosecutions in the air.

Whether you think Trump is keeping his promise to drain the swamp or not, it does seem that the swamp is destined to be drained- even if the draining has to be done via divine intervention.