Salleh v Bush: A Travesty of Justice. War Criminal Bush Escapes Criminality And Liability!

By February 13, 2017Current Affairs

Salleh v Bush: A Travesty of Justice. War Criminal Bush Escapes Criminality And Liability!

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


The United States Court of Appeal, Ninth Circuit lets Bush gets away with war crimes.

This is the same Court that struck down Trump’s executive order on temporary immigration ban on refugees from seven designated countries issued pursuant to a Law enacted and approved by false Muslim Obama. In a video posted to this website on Sunday, 12th February, 2017, we can see and listen to the pious admonition of illegal immigrants by the then President Obama and his hypocrisy when he declared that the USA is a country of laws. 

Human rights advocates who were in a celebratory mood following the nonsensical opinion of the said Court striking down Trump’s executive order as a demonstration of the Court’s robust judicial activism in upholding human rights must now cow in shame at the blatant disregard of international law and the fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS of victims of war crimes.

Any right thinking human being would throw up a vomit reading the rational for the dismissal of the claim by the Plaintiff against war criminal Bush. The essence of the Opinion by the Court of Appeal is reproduced below:

 “The Ninth Circuit held that the Westfall Act, a federal law that provides domestic immunity to government officials who commit alleged wrongdoing, is broad enough to cover acts that would amount to aggression under international law.

“According to the Ninth Circuit, a plaintiff seeking to hold high-ranking officials liable for illegal acts under international law must allege something akin to a financial interest in order to litigate against domestic officials. The Ninth Circuit provided the following hypothetical:

“A federal official would act out of ‘personal’ motives and not be ‘actuated . . . by a purpose to serve the master’ if, for instance, he used the leverage of his office to benefit a spouse’s business, paying no heed to the resulting damage to the public welfare”.

Adding insult to injury, the Court of Appeal went on to rule that:

The Ninth Circuit also dismissed arguments that the Nuremberg Judgment’s prohibition on domestic immunity to government officials who engage in aggression was binding as a matter of domestic, U.S. law.

Such is the double standards and hypocrisy of this Court of Clowns – abusing its powers to protect illegal immigrants, some of them suspected of terrorist activities and coming from the war torn countries in the Middle East, but not exercising its judicial authority and power to protect and compensate a victim of war crime on the spurious grounds that:

  1. Government officials accused of war crime must have a financial benefit of sorts (an example was even given);
  2. The Nuremberg Principles does not apply to US domestic laws in such cases and therefore, government officials enjoy immunity; and
  3. Domestic immunity laws of limited scope can be stretched to cover acts of aggression under International law.

Need we say more about US Justice, the Rule of Law, Equality before the Law and respect for International Laws?

Where the US Court of Appeal, 9th Circuit have abandoned its duty, we in Malaysia can be proud that the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal has found Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes in their brutal aggression against the sovereign nation of Iraq, the only Tribunal in the world that dare indict and convict the leaders of two Imperial powers.   

The Opinion of the said Court is posted to this website next to this article.