Whisper’s 23rd Meditative Insights To The World

Whisper’s 23rd Meditative Insights To The World

Shared by Matthias Chang

Before Whisper visited me, I received a dream at 1.04 am.

The dream was about one of my Gurus that came into my life decades ago. I was asked to recall his eerie and trembling experience that was confided to me when I became a disciple. I was stumped, as I had over the years forgotten completely his life changing and humbling experience.

He had crossed OVER by a SUMMONS, and was commanded to choose four entrances that will decide his fate. My Guru, sweating blood, knew that the wrong choice would be disastrous. He humbly asked, “Is this my judgment day?”

A “NO” or “YES”, IS FOR YOU TO DISCOVER, was the reply!

My Guru made a startling decision. He narrated,

“I am not ready in make ANY DECISION and with YOUR permission I MUST cross back to my world and re-learn, to renew and to restart my journey.”

In an instant, my Guru came back to his “world” and he was never the same person again.

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