Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with The International Affairs journal, August 2023

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with The International Affairs journal, August 2023

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[Matthias Chang’s comments:  None of you would have read or knew about the “International Affairs Journal” of Russia. So I have taken the trouble to upload the important  Sergey Lavrov’s interview, so that all of you understand the geopolitical trends and implications especially those who are interested in global Intel. You should not be surprised that Malaysians are so bloody blur and clueless. Malaysia as a country, as we know it, would not survive beyond 2028, or even earlier.  This forecast has nothing to do with the interview per se, but the trends that will impact on Malaysia are there for all to see and comprehend. Only the blind …… ]   

Question: The world has entered a period of confrontation between various global development concepts: Russia’s, China’s views and, in general, the non-Western approach as opposed to the policy of Western domination. Was this inevitable, given their civilisational differences, different approaches to the use of force and international law, and different understanding of the role of international institutions? What do you think is Russia’s role and mission in the context of current challenges?

Sergey Lavrov: I certainly agree that the concept of Western domination promoted by the United States and its subordinate countries does not provide for the harmonious development of all of humanity. On the contrary, we must deal the Western minority’s never-ending striving for military, political, financial and economic expansion. Their slogans change: they promote globalisation, then Westernisation, Americanisation, universalisation, liberalisation, etc. But the essence remains the same – they strive to subordinate every independent player and force them to play by the rules that are beneficial to the West.

Today, one can hardly deny that the Americans and their satellites are trying to slow down the natural evolution of international relations and the formation of a multipolar system, or even reverse the process. They are not averse to using inappropriate and illegal methods, including the use of force or unilateral sanctions (not approved by the UN Security Council), information and psychological warfare, etc, in order to bend the world to suit their needs.

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