Col Douglas Macgregor: Brutal & Realistic Update On War In Ukraine

Col Douglas Macgregor: Brutal & Realistic Update on The War In Ukraine

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

This is a Youtube video. They dare not censored it! So, open your eye wide and listen!

No time for arseholes who don’t research. Find out for your self who is Col. Douglas Macgregor. An insiders’ insider for starters!

Watch the video till the end which is interrupted by irritating commercials. Just click skip and get back to the video. Continue watching!

The host of the interview is a retired Judge. So don’t be stupid and listen properly for your own sanity.

Whatever, I have disclosed on the war in Ukraine have been corroborated by the said expert. Also confirmed is what I said about the useless British military.   The US and British army will be slaughtered in the fields of Europe! Pulverised!!!

Watch and share far and wide.