Hot Wars In Lockstep To The Timeline Disclosed In Heinous Report

Hot Wars In Lockstep To The Timeline Disclosed In Heinous Report

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

This article provides the “meat” to the Red Alert which I sent out a few days ago to those in my Broadcast List.

I will not disclose the name of the Report because it took some effort to drill down on this report and weeks of research to verify the conclusions from other Military and Intel platforms. I am not interested to convince you of the truths and conclusion in this article. That, you have to do yourself by spending time to research, research and spend hours reading Top Secret Reports!

Few weeks ago, I uploaded to my website my article, “US/UK Bio-weapon Unleashed! Are You Prepared To Confront This Diabolical Crime?”

Biological warfare was Phase 1 of the global warfare to immobilise entire armies and the security forces of the target countries – Malaysia included. This was a warning of a heinous national security threat and that the Covid19 was not a mere medical crisis.  Hence, I have repeatedly referred to the Covid19 crisis as the “Covid19 Plandemic.

 It is unfortunate that educated professionals – scientists, lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers and security professionals have failed to recognise the essential significance of a PLAN-DEMIC from a pan-demic!

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