How World War III Has Started: Background Intelligence on US / NATO Duplicity & The Current Crisis

How World War III Has Started: Background Intelligence on US / NATO Duplicity & The Current Crisis

Future Fast-Forward Commentary: 

When Russia has declared and the same was reported by RT , that World War III has started, and which we had reported to our readers, the Global Common is still in deep slumber. In Malaysia, this earth shaking event is not even within the horizons of the government and the pivotal policy makers. Our country is focused on and diverted by the theatrics of Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister and his sidekick, the “Little Napoleon” at the Ministry of Health, the criminal and useless Director-General.

Total failures!

This post is therefore critical to all operatives of our country’s Intelligence Apparatus.  18 declassified top secret documents are uploaded to this website, sourced from the US National Security Archives, situated at the George Washington University, Washingon D.C. I have spent a sizeable sum over the decades to purchase /download declassified Top Secret documents.  The current document has been downloaded.

Study the documents and understand why Russia and its President, are fully prepared for the Hot War when US, UK and NATO brushes off the warnings, cross the Red Lines and threaten the security of Russia. In the recent Summit between President Putin and President Xi (their 37th meeting if I recall correctly), President Xi stated that the relationship between Russia and China is BEYOND TREATIES AND ALLIANCES! Get that imprinted into your grey cells.  But, the idiots in our government are totally oblivious. Now do you understand why I say repeatedly that Khairy is a total failure!


NATO Expansion – The Budapest Blow Up 1994

What Yeltsin Heard: From Cold War to “Cold Peace”

Clinton’s Two Tracks Collide – NATO Enlargement and Russia Engagement

The biggest train wreck on the track to NATO expansion in the 1990s – Boris Yeltsin’s “cold peace” blow up at Bill Clinton in Budapest in December 1994 – was the result of “combustible” domestic politics in both the U.S. and Russia, and contradictions in the Clinton attempt to have his cake both ways, expanding NATO and partnering with Russia at the same time, according to newly declassified U.S. documents published today by the National Security Archive.

The Yeltsin eruption on December 5, 1994, made the top of the front page of the New York Times the next day, with the Russian president’s accusation (in front of Clinton and other heads of state gathered for a summit of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, CSCE) that the “domineering” U.S. was “trying to split [the] continent again” through NATO expansion. The angry tone of Yeltsin’s speech echoed years later in his successor Vladimir Putin’s famous 2007 speech at the Munich security conference, though by then the list of Russian grievances went well beyond NATO expansion to such unilateral U.S. actions as withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the invasion of Iraq.

The new documents, the result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the National Security Archive, include a series of revelatory “Bill-Boris” letters in the summer and fall of 1994, and the previously secret memcon of the presidents’ one-on-one at the Washington summit in September 1994. Clinton kept assuring Yeltsin any NATO enlargement would be slow, with no surprises, building a Europe that was inclusive not exclusive, and in “partnership” with Russia. In a phone call on July 5, 1994, Clinton told Yeltsin “I would like us to focus on the Partnership for Peace program” not NATO. At the same time, however, “policy entrepreneurs” in Washington were revving up the bureaucratic process for more rapid NATO enlargement than expected either by Moscow or the Pentagon,[1] which was committed to the Partnership for Peace as the main venue for security integration of Europe, not least because it could include Russia and Ukraine.[2]

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