Fauxi Patent: Vax-Induced AIDS, HIV Glycoprotein Contained In Jabs

Fauxi Patent: Vax-Induced AIDS, HIV Glycoprotein Contained In Jabs. Your children will suffer!

Stew Peters Show

The title of the video speaks for itself. Watch the video to the very end.

The criminal political scumbags and medical mafia led by the Director-General of MOH in Malaysia are going to inject your children, the young and innocent (3-11 years old) with a vaccine that will transmit AIDS to them. I did not say it. The scientific evidence is there and from documentary evidence – all revealed and shown in this video. 

You are not told what vaccine would be given as you cannot choose the vaccine type.  This is the official stand and statement by the Minister of Health. That said, all the Covid19 vaccines  from whatever country are EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES. PERIOD!

This is the ultimate crime against the innocents!

Such crimes have no time limits – no time bar and all the criminals can be and will be prosecuted.

Lawyers ARE PUT ON NOTICE, when you advise your “clients” whoever they may be, that your clients can compel their employees, the parents etc. from the public and private sectors, to force THEM or THEIR children to be injected with this toxic vaccine, YOU WILL BE SUED.  I will relish to see all of you scumbags hanging from the gallows with your clients as well! 

To all employees, whenever you are threatened or bullied by your employers and such lawyers who are advising them, don’t get emotional or excited. Don’t lose your cool! Take down their names, NRIC number if possible, and all the details of the lawyers /doctors advising them and forward to me via my email:  [email protected].  To confirm, refer to this video in your email.

Many have asked for help. But you must help me to help you. You must do certain minimum things, before I can help you. While my advice will be absolutely free with no strings attached, you must show me that you are willing to do the minimum. 

Parents, what are you going to do about this heinous crime to be implemented in 2022 as announced by the scumbags??? 


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