Hillary And Obama Authorised Covert Arming of ISIS

By October 30, 2016Current Affairs

Hillary And Obama Authorised Covert Arming of ISIS

By therealstrategy.com

In his first television interview since criminal charges against him was dropped, an American arms dealer said Hillary Clinton’s State Department and President Obama’s administration tried to make him the scapegoat for a botched secret arms deal in 2011.

The five-year, $10 million federal case was dropped last week by prosecutors to avoid exposing Clinton’s role in the failed covert weapons program to arm Libyan rebels, Marc Turi told Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge in an exclusive interview.

“I would say, 100 percent, I was victimized…to somehow discredit me, to throw me under the bus, to do whatever it took to protect their next presidential candidate,” he said.

During the Arab Spring uprising in 2011, the Obama administration sought to arm Libyan rebels in order to overthrow Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, but U.N. sanctions prevented direct sales.

Turi developed a plan to sell weapons to U.S. allies in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates who would then pass them on to Libya, he said. But he was cut out of the plan by the CIA working with Clinton’s State Department which transported the weapons themselves in the deal that spun out of control as weapons landed in the hands of allies and enemies.

Replying to Fox News’ question about which group, like ISIS, Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia, which was behind Benghazi attack, ultimately gained access to the weapons, Turi said: “All of them, all of them, all of them.”

“Some (weapons) may have went out under control that we had with our personnel over there and the others went to these militia. That’s how they lost control over it,” Turi said. “I can assure you that these operations did take place and those weapons did go in different directions.”

The Justice Department then attempted to scapegoat the 48-year-old Arizona resident though he never actually sold anything, him, charging him with four felony counts, including two of illegal arms dealing and two of lying on his State Department weapons application, Herridge reported. But pursuing the case would have meant releasing transcripts to the public, thereby exposing the deal.

“Those transcripts from current as well as former CIA officers were classified,” Turi said. “If any of these relationships [had] been revealed it would have opened up a can of worms. There wouldn’t have been any good answer for the U.S. government especially in this election year.”

Facing an October 5 deadline to produce the records to the defense, the Justice Department allowed the case to be thrown out with prejudice, meaning it cannot pursue Turi again on the matter. The case would have begun on November 8 – Election Day.

“With all the resources that they were throwing at me, I knew there would have to be some type of explanation of the operation that was going terribly wrong in Libya,” Turi said. “It is completely un-American…I was a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Turi believes he was specifically “targeted by the Obama administration “and “lost everything–my family, my friends, my business, my reputation.”

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