All media reports will be rigged on election night to proclaim Clinton the winner no matter what…

By October 21, 2016Current Affairs

All media reports will be rigged on election night to proclaim Clinton the winner no matter what…

By Mike Adams –

This is an urgent news flash to all Americans. Share widely.

It is now apparent that the same media which has rigged every debate, every question, every Clinton appearance, every act of “Trump rally” violence, every female accuser of Donald Trump and every poll is preparing to rig the voting results on election night.

Yes, the leftist media is plotting with Clinton operatives to quite literally steal the election using the most audacious and bold act of mass media “sleight of hand” that has ever been pulled off in history.

It has come to my attention through several sources that media outlets are preparing graphics for a Clinton win but not a Trump win. The rehearsals taking place inside large media networks are all rehearsals for the following narrative which will be blasted out on election night:

1)  Hillary Clinton has won the “democratic” vote and “democracy” must be respected.

2) Donald Trump must immediately concede defeat in order to stop violent protests (i.e. an armed citizens’ revolt from overthrowing the corrupt, criminal power base in Washington).

This narrative will be pounded hard on election night, even as the media outlets are conspiring to fabricate election results that in no way reflect the actual votes cast by legitimate American voters.

After reporting faked election results, the media will be pressuring Trump to admit defeat as quickly as possible

The same mainstream media that refuses to cover the stunning Project Veritas videos, the Bill Clinton rape accusers or the mind-blowing Wikileaks Podesta email dumps is preparing to carry out a media coup to illegally seize the White House.

The plan involves all major media organizations — CNN, WashPost, HuffPost, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc. — who will all report the same faked election results and then insist it’s all true because they are all reporting the same numbers. Remember that all these media outlets are now nothing more than propaganda branches of the democratic party, and in exactly the same way they have rigged everything else in this campaign, they will also rig the final results.

No matter how the vote turns out, it is going to be reported that Trump lost. This is because the entire leftist regime of criminal government despises democracy and refuses to allow voters to determine who gains power in America. Usually, they destroy a candidate using engineered accusations and false smears, but Trump has so far outlasted those attacks, and the American people are apparently so fed up with the criminality of the democrat establishment that they are finally waking up to reality.

The leftist regime of power in America cannot allow democracy to throw their operatives out of power in Washington. So they are quite literally planning on stealing the election by PRETENDING that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Donald Trump must REFUSE to concede on election night and must challenge the widespread election fraud that has been engineered by the democrats

In response to all this, Donald Trump must refuse to concede defeat on election night, even if every mainstream (leftist) media outlet is reporting it. He must challenge the illusion being played out by the wholly dishonest, anti-American media that’s trying to steal the White House and install their totalitarian dictator (Hillary Clinton).

Trump will have the full support of tens of millions of Americans… people who are sick and tired of being lied to, manipulated, stolen from and abused by a criminal cartel of government and media operatives all working in conspiracy to destroy this nation’s liberties and crush democracy.

As I’ve warned in a previous article here on Natural News, I am completely convinced that tens of millions of Americans are ready to participate in an armed revolt against Washington D.C. I am not calling for it, and I don’t wish to see any bloodshed on the streets of America, but my analysis tells me that we are at that “pitchforks and torches” point in American history where the people are literally willing to lay their lives on the line to take back their country from the criminal tyrants running it.

As I mentioned in my article linked above, my analysis tells me that armed groups of American patriots may even seize control of key media outlets like CNN. This is a common component of every citizens’ revolution against corrupt tyrants: seizing the state-run media so that the truth can finally be broadcast to the masses. Remember that CNN, the WashPost, NYT, etc., are not media organizations anymore. They are nothing more than state-run propaganda outlets posing as media outlets. Although I wish them no harm and do not condone violence, I have no doubt they will be among the very first targets if an armed revolution unfolds.

Interestingly, a Washington Post reporter recently asked me, “Should we increase our security around here?” My honest answer is that it won’t really matter. If the democrats steal this election, the spontaneous surge of armed, angry citizens will overrun any local security. Besides, most cops, when faced with a wave of armed citizens marching on a building, are going to say, “F*ck this. I’m outta here…”

I truly do not believe the American people will accept a Hillary Clinton presidency, especially knowing that it was stolen using wholesale fraud, deceit and collusion with the lying leftist media. A Hillary Clinton “victory” on election night will, I fear, spill over into an actual civil war in the days, weeks and months that follow. Let us hope it doesn’t come to that…

The leftist media is trying to convince Trump that he should “call for peace” and call for voters to “respect the process of democracy.” Yet it is now abundantly clear that the democrats despise democracy and will do anything to fraudulently rig election outcomes, which is of course a complete contradiction of democracy. In my view, the best way to establish peace for America is to vote for Donald Trump and kick the corrupt, criminal tyrants out of power.

Democrats are totalitarians who create the illusion that they believe in democracy

Democrats don’t believe in the ballot box. They believe in committing widespread voter fraud, firebombing election campaign buildings run by their opponents, staging acts of violence to be blamed on their opponents, recruiting illegal aliens to vote, bussing voters from district to district so they can vote multiple times, casting votes for dead people, silencing critics of their candidate, smearing the reputation of their opponents with false allegations, and essentially lying, cheating and stealing their way to political power.

The democrat party in America has become the KGB, in essence. It is now the “state” and it runs all branches of the state, including the FBI, IRS, EPA, State Dept., DOJ and so on. The entire leftist system of fraud and corruption is now a monolithic front of totalitarian despotism that operates only under the illusion of believing in democracy.

And I believe the American people have finally had enough.