NYT Story On Rand Paul And AIPAC---Don't Get Fooled! - By Michael Collins Piper (29/11/10) PDF Print E-mail
Michael Collins Piper   
Sunday, 28 November 2010 22:58

The New York Times reported in a front page story (November 25) that Rand Paul "bluntly told" AIPAC that AIPAC and the Tea party would have to disagree on foreign aid...

No, wait, don't start celebrating, don't start shouting from the rooftops that "Rand Paul has stood up to the Zionist lobby."

I know---I just know---that the "patriot" media will be abuzz with THAT "news."

No, folks----don't forget: more than a decade ago (as first reported in The SPOTLIGHT by the late Andrew St. George, well before it made news anywhere else) and as later revealed in the now-infamous "CLEAN BREAK" document by the Likud-affiliated elements here in the U.S., the fact is that the "hard right" in Israel (represented by Shamir/Sharon/Netanyahu) had long advocated breaking close ties with the U.S. (including financial aid).

This concept even went back as far as Yitzhak Shamir who was particularly hostile to the United States. 

A lot of people (who naively believe that Jewish/Zionist opinion is in absolute lock-step both here and in Israel and in sync, between U.S. and Israeli Jews, likewise)  found The SPOTLIGHT's reports impossible to believe.

They said, "Hey, that's crazy. Them durned Jews would never give up U.S. foreign aid. The SPOTLIGHT must be printing Zionist black propaganda."

But, in fact, the Israelis were developing a strategy to break away from U.S. foreign aid.

Now comes Rand Paul with his "blunt" talk---which is equivalent to telling your boss not to give you a raise when you know he doesn't intend to in the first place.

Rand Paul has essentially echoed back to the Likud-affiliated AIPAC the very strategy that the Likud-nik neo-conservatives crafted in the first place.

Unpleasant facts, I know, but facts nonetheless.

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